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Cascade Park transformed

My apologies to the A racers that had to endure the bandit sand trap mound. If anyone reading this think that they can alter the course between races, you’re very wrong. Many people crashed due to this unfortunate event. One person ripped a derailleur off. If you would like to pay for his equipment, let me know, I will keep it anonymiss.

Thanks go out to Pete Hall for the great course layout and the TNR that set up the wickedness. Chad Rector also contributed the awesome Request Foods lasagna. thanks Chad!

This weeks move ups include Matt Acker, Doug Wise, Charlie Pike and Mike Lacy


Next event is Oct 27th at Manhattan Park in EGR. Always a good time there. Brian Walquist and Alger Bikes will handle the course plans, so head to the shop for you input ;-). This is the Halloween race- we will award for best costume men and women!


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