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Q: Can I use a mountain bike instead of a cross bike?
A: Yes, just remove any bar ends you may have on it.

Q: Can I register for more than one race on the same day?
A: Yes, the first race is $25 and a second race is $10. This way you could run the C race and the B race in one day. We only ask that if you are an A or B level racer using the C race as a warm up and win the C race that you withdraw your name from the results to be fair to the other C racers.

Q: I raced in the B race and it shows I only did 7 laps and everyone in front of me did 8 laps. Why is that?
A: The leaders of the race lapped you therefore you are down one lap, every one finishes the race on the leaders lap.

Q: What are the entry fees?
A: A, B and C races are $25 day of event. Tandems are $30. A 2nd race is $10 additional. 1 lap kids race is $5 but a full length C race for Juniors 14 and under is $10.  No licenses required.

Q: What are the start times?
A: Start times:

C- Men, Women, Kids one lap, C Juniors, C Tandem and C Masters (40+)- 11:00am
A- Men and Masters (40+)- 12:00pm
B- Men, Women,  B Masters (40+), B Tandem and Singlespeed- 1:15pm