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Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors!!!

We want to say THANK YOU to all the racers and spectators that made this Kisscross season so exciting!! We also need to thank our sponsors, we couldnt make it happen without your support!!!!!!
Greenware USA Founders Brewing Co. Velocity USA Smith OpticsDAKINE Rapid Fire Protection Inc. Cushe US ERG Bars Pedal Bicycles 3rd Coast Cycles Alger Bikes Freewheeler Gap30 Cycles Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. Kenda Tires USA Velo City CyclesRequest Foods Village Bike & Fitness West Michigan Bike & Fitness Dosponsors thank youn P Michiana-Timing Jack Kunnen Photography

Velocity Aileron wheelset

Congrats to Greg Voster the winner of the drawing for the Velocity USA Aileron wheelset.!  Thank you to Velocity for sponsoring the giveaway and being the best wheel builderse in the world!IMG_2062

Windows on the Waterfront

Thank you Velo City Cycles team for designing a great finale` course and hosting the after-party! 

What a perfect ending to a fun cyclocross season!b3b67e60a8059e8106a0b8e20262c4b6

Lost and Found

We have a number of lost and found items and would like to get them back to the right owner at the last race in Holland. Email us to identify:

-down jacket and arm warmers
-clear riding glasses
-long sleeve base layer
-two cowbells
-one pink kids glove
-Cinderella purse

Markin – Glen Park Snowcross race

We had a great time yesterday at the Markin – Glen Park snowcross race! Thanks to Tim Krone and the team from Pedal Bicycles for hosting the race and providing the Bells beer for the after-party.
Thank you Mike Peterson for photos of the race action
Full results from Michiana Timing can be viewed here;

"2014 Markin Glen Cyclocross"

Cascade C prizes

The following C results prizes were left on the table at the end of the day and due to the late results, as promised we saved them to be picked up at a later date rather than be recycled at the next race.

The following won something and left them on site:
James Ferro, Matt Putti, Jenny Scott, Evan Wilson, Don Lewis. Grab your prize at the Markin Glen, Window on the Water Front race or message me here to get them in Rockford.


Cascade Park

Thank you to Alger Bike for setting up a”true” cyclocross course today at Cascade Park. The chili they provided was a great touch for a chilly day!  Thanks to the racers who celbrated Halloween and raced in costumes. We had fat guys chasing hamburgers, downhill skiers, racers in three piece suites, wonder woman, Hell Kaats and of course a monkey riding a banana!

This weeks call out for move ups to the next category include: (B mens) winner; Henry Wiles, (C men) winner: Chris Ostlund; (C Master) winner Mark Giles and (C woman) Clair Reeves. Great results congratulations!

Great day of racing and here are the results: 1

Time Change 11-2-14

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday a.m. We’d hate to have someone get there an hour early.

NCT event

To our friends, families, mountain biking, hiking and outdoor enthusiast communities;

After hours of discussions and deliberating about the pros and cons of the request to receive approval for the NCT mountain biking event, Kisscross Events has decided its in the best interest of everyone to rescind our request from the NFS.

Please understand this decision wasn’t easy and we appreciate all the time and energy many of you spent writing letters and well thought out editorials on the history, conflicts, synergies, relationships and perspectives on the North Country Trail.

This is not a we won they lost or they won we lost situation, but an understanding that this proposed event and it’s intensions to showcase the beauty of the NCT would be overshadowed by negativity and unproductive finger pointing.  It is our hope that we all will continue our discussions, put our differences aside and come together to preserve, maintain and enjoy this national treasure.

We thank you all for your support and understanding and hope you take time to get outdoors and enjoy all the natural beauty our state is offering during this Fall season.

Rick Plite and Scott TenCate
Kisscross Events

Mudhattan Park!

Wow, that was a cross race! Some great battles were fought out there and everyone looked drained. Lots of move up’s today. Please remember that if you are a A or B racer doing a C race for a warm up or practice you should at least soft pedal at the end and put yourself in a lower position.

Move up’s include:

Harrison Webb, Brian Hancock, Tony Hersberger, Jimi Minnema, Eric Wolting, Jenny White, Jeff Warner

While I have your attention: take a moment if you would please and help our sponsor ERG Energy Bars obtain a Chase Bank small company grant. Go to then click vote and type in ERG_Foods. Don’t forget to grab a ERG bar at each race and a discount card out of the box near the registration table.