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Cascade Park 2012

Another wonderful fall day, I wonder where all the racers went? Thanks go out to Team Foolish for the great course, awesome help and tasty treats!

We are still struggling with a fast and smooth registration. Next week I would like everyone to fill out a form at the separate table provided. If you have raced with us before, look up your race number on the list provided at the same table. Write your number in the box provided on the registration form. Make sure you print your name clearly and that you check the box for your race category. If you are racing two races you will need two forms and two separate numbers. If you already know your number you can save time by doing this step at home with the registration form provided later this week. You can also make out any payment checks in advance, make them out to Kisscross Events. One last thing, please wait patiently for your turn and don’t leap frog the line to try and save time, it only makes things run slower and confuses the registration volunteers.

Lost and found: One Priority Health vest, one black stocking hat, one black jackets and a pair of gloves. Please claim at the next race.

We have an improvement to the result times. Based on feedback, we have given separate start times to each wave of racers rather than listing everyone as starting together. This should help you when studying the lap times.

This weeks move up’s include: Ryan MaGuire, Tom Stolz Mike Brower, Ben Doctor and Chris Boer to the A’s and Ethan VanDoorne, Josh Moka, Amy Meldrum, David Tomasik and Amy Haney to the B’s.

See you next week.
Rick and Cathy


No Moms in Tow this Sunday 10/21

Unfortunately Moms in Tow will not be at the Cascade race this Sunday but we hope you will still bring the little ones to the race, they are the future of our sport!

Cascade Park registration form

If you haven’t raced with us yet this year please fill this out in advance and bring it along with you Sunday. Repeat racers will have sticker forms ready for you.

Kisscross Cascade registration form

Lakeside Park Results

I’d like to thank the TNR for their continued support of the Kisscross races and as always the Barry-Roubaix help. These guys (Tuesday Night Riders) live and ride in the Caledonia, Middleville or Yankee area 24/7. I have never seen such a dedicated bunch of riders. Every Tuesday all year long no matter what including rain, heat or snowstorms, they live and breath riding. Thanks to Rick Watson and Beverlin Manufacturing for the Founders IPA as well.


Caledonia registration form

Richmond Park Results 2012

Thank you Freewheeler for the great course. Set up and tear down was fast, smooth and top notch and so were the awesome hot tamales! One of the benefits of lap timing is that I can see how fast everyone is cranking out the laps hence today’s move up enforcement’s include Todd Meredith and Sarah Demmerly from C to B. Jason Smith, Aaron Zuelke, Jason Bolt, Jeff Haney, Amy Stauffer and Kim Thomas from B to A. Next week we can look forward to free kegs of beer and hot lasagna at the Caledonia race thanks to the host sponsors TNR and Beverlin Manufacturing.


A Results
B Results
C Results

Richmond registration form

Here is a Kisscross Reg Form for the Richmond Park race this Sunday(edit) 9-30-12. If you would like to fill it out in advance it will save time at registration.

Highland Park 2012

We had beautiful weather at the Highland Park race despite the forecast for a 80% chance of rain. Never, ever believe the weather man! Thanks for all the help Founders Alger Racing. After two events on non-typical days and times we will finally go back to Sundays at 11:00 a.m. this weekend at Richmond Park.
Also, don’t forget the top B and C racer need to move up one class.

Photo by Josh Duggan

C race

B race

A Race

Bib number placement

Help us keep track of scoring easier by properly attaching you race bib. Here is a photo that shows how it should look. Use all 4 pins and place it on the proper side of your jersey based on the timing chute set up for the day.

pinning example

Results can be found here

Saturdays timing chips

At this Saturday’s Highland Park race we will use a timing chip sticker that must be attached to you HELMET. Do not stick it anywhere else or your lap reads may not register.