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Highland Park 2012

We had beautiful weather at the Highland Park race despite the forecast for a 80% chance of rain. Never, ever believe the weather man! Thanks for all the help Founders Alger Racing. After two events on non-typical days and times we will finally go back to Sundays at 11:00 a.m. this weekend at Richmond Park.
Also, don’t forget the top B and C racer need to move up one class.

Photo by Josh Duggan

C race

B race

A Race

Bib number placement

Help us keep track of scoring easier by properly attaching you race bib. Here is a photo that shows how it should look. Use all 4 pins and place it on the proper side of your jersey based on the timing chute set up for the day.

pinning example

Results can be found here

Saturdays timing chips

At this Saturday’s Highland Park race we will use a timing chip sticker that must be attached to you HELMET. Do not stick it anywhere else or your lap reads may not register.

Highland Park Registration Form

Here is a Kisscross Reg Form for the Highland Park race this Saturday. If you would like to fill it out in advance it will save all of us time at registration. The weather looks great for a cross race, 50′s with a chance of rain!

Kidscross schedule

Don’t forget this weeks race begins at 4pm on Saturday September 22nd. Moms in Tow will be at the following races with their very cool Striders bikes and race course. Free to all kids!

Sept 22 – Highland Park
Sept 30 – Richmond Park
Oct 21 – Cascade Park
Oct 28 – Manhattan Park
Nov 25 – Plaster Creek Park
Dec 2 – Holland

Cannonsburg Results

Kisscross season is underway! I think we finally turned the corner on the hot and dry weather we have had all year. The Cannonsburg Ski Area race had real cross weather, cool, dark and wet.

Cannonsburg Results (edited)

We understand many of the results are incorrect, please contact Michiana Timing directly at Or send us an email. We apologize for the errors, the late results and that we were not able to post them last night as you have come to expect from us. It won’t happen again! The prizes were all labeled for 1st and 3rd place in each class. We will save these prizes and bring them to the next race. Thanks for coming to the race and have a great weekend!  Results:

Kisscross Registration Form

Here is the Kisscross Reg Form Print this and fill it out in advance then bring it with you Friday to speed up registration. Thanks!

Special one night only categories!

For those of you wishing to compete in the Stomach of Anger (SoA) series, for the Cannonsburg night race please take note of the following categories:

SoA C-Men 19-34 and 35+ race in the Kiss Cross C-race (no surprise)
SoA B-Women race in the Kiss Cross C-race
SoA Juniors (10-14 and 15-18) race in the Kiss Cross C-race

SoA B-men race in the Kiss Cross B-race (no surprise)
SoA Elite Women race in the Kiss Cross B-race
SoA Singlespeed race in the Kiss Cross B-race

SoA Elite Men race in the Kiss Cross A-race (no surprise)
SoA Masters 35+ race in the Kiss Cross A-race
SoA Masters 45+ race in the Kiss Cross A-race

Any questions on this please e-mail Brian Hancock:


Please welcome Moms in Tow as a sponsor and participant for this years Kisscross Series.

Jenny White is the founder of Moms in Tow. You may know Brad White, the pro cyclist that attends some of our local races. Jenny is Brad’s wife and Moms in Tow organizes playgroups, hiking groups, biking groups, etc…encouraging moms and kids to be healthy and active….They will be setting up a kidscross course at some of the kisscross races….with striders bikes for little kids to test out and take around a fun little course. It will not be a race…just a fun course to get little ones on their bikes (like mom and dad). We will have bikes, helmets, course, etc. There are usually a ton of wives and kids hanging out at cyclocross races…so we thought it would be fun to provide a little entertainment for the kids and also get them excited about cyclocross. It will all be free of charge.

Moms in Tow