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Move up time

The following racers need to move up in class: Adam McIntyre, Fred Bunn, Jason Lechner and Jon Steinhauser

South Bend cross series- RunUp Cyclocross

Some friends of Kisscross in the South Bend area have created their own series in southern Michigan and northern Indiana. Check out the details at RunUp Cyclocross and a Facebook page called “RunUp Cyclocross”. They will be at TK Lawless on 10-9-11.

Photos are up!

Please support Jack Kunnen as often as you can, he is busting his tail off to get these pictures for you guys! 2011 photos.

Plaster Creek 2011

It sure didn’t seem like cross season yesterday. Hot and sunny weather made for perfect conditions to have Founders Porter Floats though! 150+ racers enjoyed the super fun course that the Founders Alger Racing team cooked up, fast and flowy was the best way to describe it. A few people had trouble counting laps again and it is really so easy to correct. Put a cyclometer on you bike and go for a warm up lap to check the mileage then multiply that number by you required laps, bingo, there is you race distance, don’t ride under or over that amount. I know they weigh 28 grams so blow your nose before the race to make up for the weight!

The following must move up a class: John Osgood, Don Cameron, Marlin Steinhaven, Bryan Walman. Congrats on first place finishes!

Next Sunday is Highland Park and Leadout Racing. See you then.

1 Brad White
2 Michael Wissink
3 Fred Bunn
4 Ben Whitehead
5 Russ Greenwood
6 Craig Gietzen
7 Shawn Davison
8 Eric Forester
9 Earl Hillaker
10 Ryan Gingerich
11 Chris Kreple
12 Jeff Jacobi
13 Michael Seaman
14 Nate Versluis
15 Bill Gallagher
16 Andrew Holly
17 Brian Hancock
18 Chris Pawielski
19 Mike Weigand
20 Patrick Russell
21 Matt Remelts
22 John Osgood
23 Dave Hietikko
24 Jeremy Karel
25 Tim Krone
26 Chris Vitton
27 Sean Smith
28 Tony Hersberger
29 Jurrien Davison
30 Pete Greaves
31 Bart Vanderhammer
32 Mootika

1 John Osgood
2 Wade Burch
3 Cody Sovis
4 Wes Sovis
5 John Wunderlin
6 Jim Goerlish
7 Scott Thenikl
8 Chad Rector
9 Tom Landry
10 Keith Feldt
11 Dan Gosen
12 Rich James-Jura
13 Ryan McGuire
14 Shawn Crowley
15 Rick Watson
16 Aaron Dowling
17 Jacob Marshall
18 Brad Spooner
19 Andrew Manninen
20 Doez
21 Matt Ruiter
22 Jeff Festian
23 Tim Bunning
24 Paul Smith
25 Joshua Duggan
26 Erich Harvey
27 Glenn Valdez
28 Curt Potocki
29 Bruce Sneller
30 Rick Racht
31 Chris Pawielski
32 Pete Greaves
33 Jason Bailey
34 Jason Brouchu
35 Mootika
35 Bill Potapa
36 Kevin Collins
36 Heather Kubiak
37 Josh McVety
38 Pete Hall
39 Chad Hutchison
40 Ben Gaeth
41 Andy Head
42 Jason Gribble
43 Jill Gorkowski
43 Eric York
44 Brian Kwekel
45 Michael Babcock
46 Brian Krause

1 Don Cameron
2 Patrick Russell
3 Fred Bunn
4 Dale Carley
5 Mike VanHouten
6 Scott Tencate
7 John Ressler
8 Don Boersma
9 Tim Curtis
10 Craig Rawlings
11 James Gomez
12 Bart Vanderhammer
13 Jerry Behl
14 Ben Doctor
15 Scott Chambers
16 Marc Dettman
17 Brad Bacon
18 Kim Lee
19 Tony Hersberger
20 John Kowalczyk
21 Jeff Scofield
22 Rob Schell
23 Lee Boughner
24 Brad Bennett
25 Dave Staublin
26 Doug Baker
27 Dennis Murphy
28 Tom Moore
29 Frank Krol
30 Brett Dodds
31 Gary Church
32 Andrew Weeks
33 Rob Van Eck
34 Brent Walk
35 Bill Thompson
36 Alan Becke
37 Paddi Thornburg

1 Marlin Steinhauser
2 Harrison Webb
3 Scott Hicks
4 David Allen
5 Jeff Gordon
6 Matt Graves
7 Ben Clark
8 Kim Lee
9 John Jasker
10 Shane O’Hearon
11 Alex Yindine
12 Tyson Smith
13 Travis Ulberg
14 Robert Kort
15 Dave Staublin Brian Krause
16 Alex Voorman
16 Kaat Tahy
17 Derek Dykstra
18 Rob Falik
19 Charlie Piki
20 Greg Bock
21 Kahe Tomczk
21 Emily Savickis
21 Jason Ross
22 Sean O’Hearon
23 Dennis Huskic
24 Amanda Gaeth
24 Kristen Dykstra
24 Kevin Vorac
25 Adam Black
26 Dave Benard
27 Erica Gingerich

1 Bryan Waldman
2 Don Goetcheus
3 Jeremy Meyering
4 Jan Toscano
4 Dennis Bean-Larson
5 Tom Miller
6 Dave Hendricks
7 Nancy Curtis

1 Parker Papranec
1 Sophia Veneklasen
2 Ethan Wissink
3 Luke Zuelke
4 Pieter Boer

Bianchi Frame and fork Raffle!

Bianchi San Jose frame and fork-Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 at race registration during the first 4 events with one winning ticket drawn at the October 23rd race. Frame size is exchangeable.  100% of the money will go to the Western Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance’s 50 in 5 Campaign. A goal to build 50 miles of singletrack trails in West Michigan within 5 years.

2011 Move up rule

Everyone should start in the same category that they were racing in last year. No excuses such as, “I’m out of shape” or “I haven’t been riding much”. If we adhere to this only the the winner of each race must move up to the next class this year. Look for your name on the results page after each race.

September Training Series

There is a new kid in town. Brian from GR Bicycle Shop is putting on a training race every Wednesday night in September. You can get your cyclocross practice in by participating in live race action brought to you by 42-85.

Cross Poster jpeg

14 and under kids race

We have lowered the price from $20 to $10 for kids under 14 that would like to do all the laps in the C Race. One laps kids still pay only $5

6 weeks until cross season!

The 2011  schedule is now confirmed. We have added one new location for our friends in Kalamazoo, they intend to put on quite the event so don’t miss it. As for the Grand Rapids locations, we mixed up the hosting teams and locations a bit so the events stay fresh. We’ll see you in September!

Tentative 2011 Schedule

September 11th, TBD
September 18th, Highland Park
October 2nd, Markin Glen Park, Kazoo NEW!
October 16th, Richmond Park
October 23rd, Manhattan Park
October 30th, Caledonia Park
November 13th, Cascade Park
November 27th, Holland Municipal Stadium